Friday, December 31, 2010

A decade of Denmark

On the last day of the year, the last day of the decade, Politiken's excellent front cover defines the changes in Denmark that have taken place during that period.

Comparing figures from 2001 to that of 2009, all neatly designed into the shape of the country, it provides a good picture of the 2 different Denmarks I moved to. And the results aren't always what you might expect:

- Birth rates are in decline
- Tourism is more or less flat
- Exports have grown 17%
- The cost of the Afghan war has increased by over 1000%
- Alcohol consumption has decreased by 2 liters per person (from 13l to 11.1l)
- Tobacco consumption has decreased by 26% or 400 cigarettes per person
- Hospital waiting time has almost halved
- The number of immigrants has increased by 37%
- Emigration to Skåne in Sweden has doubled

So a few classic Danish stereotypes no longer what they once were. What's in store for Denmark and the other Nordic countries in the coming decade? Stay tuned.

And until then, Happy New Year.

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