Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"We are just like you, they are more like Germans"

There is a natural affinity toward Britain from Scandinavia of which I am a very grateful recipient. But not for the first time have I heard this quoted to me as an Englishman by both Danes and Swedes. The same unfortunately can't be said for the Germans down south who are generally shunned when it comes to claimed cultural links.

Danes will claim that the uptight Swedes are teutonic by nature, while the Swedes will use Denmark's proximity to Germany as their excuse. Both, meanwhile, will argue strongly they have a sense of humour closer to England than the other.

Far be it from me to judge...but once again Richard D. Lewis rides to the rescue, this time with his Lewis Model which clusters different global culture types against 3 different principle characteristics:

In this case it looks like those teutonic Swedes are more right than their Danish cousins. And us Brits had better start being nicer to Germany.

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